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One of the largest economy in Asia, India has been on revival spree and is looking promising growth avenue for host of global investors. With its restructured emphasis on economy, and infrastructure investment, the Indian Government has ensured that it is now a new force to be reckoned within Asia, and its expected growth rate is further set to increase in next few years.

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With strong capabilities and resources to handle nationwide projects across different countries of Eurasian region, eninrac is well positioned to lead multi-country projects in multiple industrial segments from the region, and synergize learning between different countries when required. Our network of fieldwork covers a wide spectrum across all major countries of the region breadth of different industry practices.

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Investing in transition countries nestled in Africa present exciting financial opportunities potentially leading outsized ROIs. For those players willing to invest and engage in African markets the preposition looks lucrative to garner a first mover advantage. While these markets can be highly challenging, our services arm you with all necessary insights to be certain about your investments in the region.

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South East Asia

South East Asia (SEA) region has demonstrated consistent speed on its trajectory of growth to take the spot as amongst the world’s top investment destination since 2010. Host of vibrant opportunities have sprung forth from this robust market region due to a growing class and relatively better purchasing parity. Attractive returns on investment have further left a trail of worldwide investors eyeing this fortune-rich region.

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Known as world’s last frontier economies, the region has projected a turnaround in terms of growth, and have ideally fuelled strategic opportunities that have propelled its growth since early 2000’s. For many companies hoping to extend their reach in this region, PAC region presents tremendous growth opportunity.

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Middle East

In recent years, the region has achieved impressive economic growth, fuelled by political stability, sound business conditions, strong stock market performance and competitive costs of labour. Riding on the waves of high economic growth courtesy abundance of oil & gas reserves, region’s competitive labour force and sound business conditions has contributed to it’s ranking as one of the most attractive destination for investments in world.

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Latin America

Latin America region historically has presented some difficult challenges. For business starters LATAM is a mix of different economic, political & cultural conditions which offers distinctive opportunities embedded with challenges. However, there is no dearth of talent pool in the region & a right business wave seems to gain momentum which is attracting investments in the region.

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