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Transforming customer experience, enterprise efficiency & effectiveness through channelled operations

Our operation strategy consultants collaborate with your organisation to solve complex strategic & operational problems ranging from an early issue diagnosis to ultimately implementing and managing recommendations

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Connecting strategies with operations to rapidly deliver lasting transformations tailored for your organisation

What are Operations Strategy Services?

Through our operations strategy services we aim to unlock the full potential of operations for organisations in order to build institutional capabilities with added agility on a sustainable basis. For this we engage with our clients to assess the current operation system including processes, analytics, management practices, capabilities & conduct a gap analysis to understand the full improvement potential. The operations strategy services adapt following modular approach wherein each module is organisation specific:

  • Cross operations diagnostics
    • Our operations strategy consultants engage in gap analysis which involves map of processes, degree of analytics, type of management practices & inherent capabilities of the organisation. This enables us to assess improvement potential which becomes ground for future state design & roadmap for the organisation
  • Future state design & roadmap for organisations
    • To design a coherent vision of operations based on the gap analysis a system and step change aspiration needs an implementable roadmap which our operations strategy services provide
  • Initial idea generation & corporate process upgrade
    • We enable organisations to design initiatives that realise vision across dimensions and achieve aspirations in order to launch identified quick wins. Also, through our specific corporate process upgrade support we offer an integrated operations agenda spanning through different business functions
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How we enable transformations that unlock full potential of operations for businesses?

Change in sustainability engine deployment that spans full functional capabilities and business processes require full potential of operations to be realised to ensure focus on execution and fast resolution of roadblocks. Our operations strategy services engage all levels of the organisation to create ownership and offer wide range of tools & capabilities to manage operations better. These include following:

  • Cross-operations gap analysis diagnostic
    • This involves both quantitative & qualitative assessments for current operations at the organisation which can be leveraged for functional improvements. This leads to harmonisation of specific cross operations levers to better integrate management practices & capabilities.
  • Identify and deploy impact essential operation changes
    • Our team of operation strategist identify & deploy essential elements required for driving & sustaining changes and measures executive alignment while focusing on health & execution of allied operations.
  • Building resilience operations index for operations
    • This process is employed to evolve with benchmarks in comparison with peers & competition to understand resiliency and flexibility of their respective value chains.

Building next generation operating models

If you are not familiar yet with our operations strategy services benefits, here's an overview:


Creating operating models to disrupt existing processes

Our operations strategy services assess the gap to create operating models that are required by the organisation to disrupt the existing processes in order to drive value & improve customer experience


Driving approach for operating models

We bring in right mix of capabilities & approach that are required to be developed to meet the operation objectives based on organisation's starting point & business aspirations


Architecture to scale up your business operations

We ensure to build healthy architecture to support organisation's next generation operation model which can be scaled up to absorb new skills, processes & customer centric view point every time

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