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Driving corporate growth through strategic and innovative frameworks separating your business as front runner

Through eninrac's strategy and innovation services your business shall develop an approach that's thorough, action oriented & in semblance with debate and ambiguity.

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Experience defining strategy & innovation services to lead creativity and delivery of your business

What are Strategy & Innovation Services?

To leverage higher profits through right strategy & innovation a strong pipeline is quintessential. Justified strategy & innovation typically depends upon the ability of your business to get better. Thus, our strategy & innovation services identify the areas of your business that are ripe to harness innovation and mine those ideas. We then quickly churn stage wise strategies to build upon the business case developments transforming those ideas into high ROI segment.

We also help your business to reap the benefits of open innovation in order to position them beyond boundaries and gain access to wider base of ideas, knowledge & technology that can augment value of their existing resource pool

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How to gain advantage Eninrac's Strategy & Innovation Services to witness smart, fast & consistent decision execution?

We employ our proprietary benchmarks along with subsequent diagnostic tools and capability building to support your business to improve & sustain productivity for the core functions. Further, we also help in designing businesses which are necessary for both incremental & breakthrough innovation and are also iterative, repeatable, error free & scalable.

To understand exactly what our practice consultants with unmatched insights do to aptly contrive strategy & fuel innovation which ensures growth with long standing results. Through following solutions we ensure growth with our clients for long range plans:

  • Entry Strategies
    • For expanding a business to new geographies, regions or markets the quintessential factor is to understand the major characteristics of same so that an apt strategy could be devised. We through our strategy & innovation services consistently enable our clients to learn about the market threats and opportunities before attempting entry to same.
  • Scaling up growth & innovation
    • We partner our clients to build their businesses by identifying granular growth opportunities in order to improve their performance through right innovations in products, services, internal & external processes and respective business models.

To experience our strategy & innovation services following modus operandi is employed:

  • Scoping call and booking process

    After the scoping call and have selected your preferred engagement model you may proceed with choosing your desired strategy & innovation services such as eninrac's Change Management, Growth Strategy, Product Innovation Strategy and Operations Strategy.

  • What's Next?

    After you have booked strategy & innovation service of your choice, our strategy & innovation experts will reach out to you. It won’t take much time. They make sure to gather all relevant information to make your strategy & innovation experience as seamless as possible.

View right strategy choices & innovate through our strategy & innovation service lenses to venture in growth markets and debias to open for bold changes.

Through the objective to look at your peers' performance our strategy & innovation services orient high ROIs


Develop a market momentum case

Using external market data & examining peer performance benchmarks shall establish market momentum case (MMC) for your organisation which augurs well to cost evolution and pricing dynamics without countervailing actions.


Identify pockets of growth

We enable definitive means through which the companies can identify pockets of growth within existing segments & beyond and assess them against strategic options to furnish growth through our strategy & innovation services.


Owning critical strategic choices

Most of the companies face a critical challenge to tide over different strategic choices given time pressures, innate biases and multitude of other factors. Our strategy & innovation services are designed specific to glide you through correct strategic choices


Understanding your business setup for future success

For companies it is often difficult to migrate from the status quo to adapt market disruptions and thus it becomes essential to understand whether the company is set up for future success or not. Therefore, our strategy & innovation services enable performance management that can reinforce long term strategic objectives

More market research, advisory & consulting services to discover

At Eninrac, we offer a wide range of market research, advisory & consulting solutions, from Business Intelligence to Benchmarking services. We put ‘search’ in research to help expand your business with ease. Discover all the possibilities now.


Advisory & Consulting Services

Eninrac advisory & consulting services identify and qualify all opportunities offered by market discontinuities. Whether you are looking to maximize operational efficiency or invest in business growth, our experts can guide you through the process.

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Market Research Services

Market research is instrumental to determine opportunity for businesses. With Eninrac you get access to market information that is accurate & absolute in nature, processed from big data. Find the right market research service offering that matches your business.

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Transformation & Sustainability

For any successful transformation it is important to promote productive behaviour and skills which energise organisation's work force in a manner to achieve sustained results.

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Training & Pro-Bono Services

We support our pro-bono clients in exactly the same manner as we do for our standard clients offering full length and breadth of our services. Further, we don't only endeavour to train but provide an environment where people at businesses can learn, adapt, think & apply.

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