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Executing flawless market research service that ensures a full circle view of your target market

Market research service is instrumental to determine opportunity for businesses. With Eninrac you get access to market information that is accurate & absolute in nature, processed from big data. As a company, we maintain close collaboration with our clients, adopting a "hands-on" approach to campaign management. Eninrac Consulting exclusively partners with companies seeking personalized guidance through diverse cultures and markets.  Eninrac perform in-depth market research service and reporting into a variety of markets. Find the right market research service in india that matches your business growth needs and let us handle the rest.


Making market comprehension, a breeze

What are Market Research Service (MRS)?

For business decisions to be efficient, the C-suite leaders often require market data. These feeds are not just the ordinary ones, but a pack of crisp and eccentric information that navigates them in such critical situations. Eninrac's market research service experts gather and analyse complex data sets - transforms them into valuable feed- assist organizations in determining market opportunity. The market insights passed by our experts help businesses across private, public and social sectors create the change that matters most to them in achieving growth. Thus, augmenting value.

To develop a deep understanding of the market for you, we source direct data from the primary channels. Additionally, deployment of D2I (data to information) models that produce crucial qualitative and quantitative market feeds is a part of the whole market research process at Eninrac that helps enterprises to turn their ambitious business goals into a reality.

Learn how eninrac works

Learn how to employ Eninrac's Market Research service to multiply growth avenues for your business?

Stay ahead of the market uncertainties with Eninrac's market research services. Select our market research service that are tailor made for handling your cyclic and one-time market opportunity assessment needs. Post your requirements to us and let our experts do the rest for you.

  • Post your requirements
    1. After you have posted your market research requirements, simply choose your desired services such as Eninrac Research Reports (Ready Reckoner), Research on Demand (ROD), Cyclic Market AnalyticsMarket Tracking & Sizing and Competitor Analysis

    2. Proceed with market research service of your choice for getting a clear view about the market and attaining clarity in your business decisions
  • After choosing the market research service of your choice engage with us to understand the typical market research process employed for your business
    • Creating data representation templates & F2F survey questionnaires
      • Through our market research service process we associate to build highly engaging market surveys through F2F questionnaire design and pre agreed data templates to initiate market research.
    • Distribute the survey questionnaires through our Knowledge Grid (KG) Platform & channels of primary feed
      • Each of market research project process undergoes the feed from our Knowledge Grid panellist who actively support us to vet the raw data sourced through primary channel checks which is leveraged from different hierarchical levels of our strong & validated industry network.
    • Analyse the market research data through domain specialist
      • We analyse huge volume of market research data collected through multiple channels & hierarchical levels to extract valuable conclusions & information for your business.
    • Devising measured & implementable strategies based on market research insights
      • We through our market research services devise GTM (go to market) strategy and measures which are based on valuable information & insights to yield your business fructifying results that are sustainable.
  • What happens next?
    • After you booked market research service of your choice our domain specialist & market research practice consultants will reach out to you to set the process deliverables organised in a phased interim based manner. You will have complete flexibility to connect with market research consultants anytime to adjust, understand & reorient the market research process as per aligned objectives

Our market research services arm your business with numerous advantages and possibilities

Through our market research services your business shall transform & be rightly positioned to tackle various hurdles that come in the business process. With our market research services your business can orient the following:


Plan & launch of a new product

Through our market research services plan better for your products & place them in perfect target market where there are immense potential & absolute requirements.


Improving current products & services

Quite often companies stick to their product genesis & refrain transitions. With our channelled market research services your business can find out and tweak our current product/service to best suit the market vibes.


Identify customer trends & better assess the competition

If your product/service is not oriented towards customers the market shall sink it right away. Thus, its crucial to leverage our market research services to understand consumer trends including purchase patterns to devise a tailor made product. Further, our market research services are designed to uncover the data that helps your products/service with difference margin & makes it unique


Derive right pricing strategies & identify new opportunities with a boost to brand credibility

With market research services the right pricing is devised and under/over pricing is no longer a worry. Once when your business grows expansion is the new leaf which is served best through excellent market research to uncover scope and potential of new target markets. Also, once when your business brand knows what to offer & to whom the strong foot hold in the market is maintained which is aptly supported by brand credibility research

More market research, advisory and consulting services to discover

At Eninrac, we offer a wide range of market research service, advisory & consulting services, from Business Intelligence to Benchmarking services. We put ‘search’ in research to help expand your business with ease. Discover all the possibilities now.


Advisory & Consulting Services

Eninrac advisory & consulting services identify and qualify all opportunities offered by market discontinuities. Whether you are looking to maximize operational efficiency or invest in business growth, our experts can guide you through the process.

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Strategy & Innovation

Through eninrac's strategy & innovation services your business shall develop an approach that's thorough, action oriented & in semblance with debate and ambiguity.

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Transformation & Sustainability

For any successful transformation it is important to promote productive behaviour and skills which energise organisation's work force in a manner to achieve sustained results.

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Training & Pro-Bono Services

We support our pro-bono clients in exactly the same manner as we do for our standard clients offering full length and breadth of our services. Further, we don't only endeavour to train but provide an environment where people at businesses can learn, adapt, think & apply.

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