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Driving lasting impacts & results for the society towards the issues & solutions that matters most to our clients & people

We support our pro-bono clients in exactly the same manner as we do for our standard clients offering full length and breadth of our services. Further, we don't only endeavour to train but provide an environment where people at businesses can learn, adapt, think & apply.

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Providing pro bono consulting & training services to drive lasting impacts & results for businesses and society alike

What are Training & Pro Bono services?

We are committed to pro bono work simply because it helps us to leverage opportunities to use our research skills, industry specific knowledge and experience to drive lasting impacts and results for the society towards the issues and solutions that matter most to our clients, people, and communities.

Further, with our training modules our endeavour is not only to train , but to provide an environment where people can learn, adapt, think and apply. eninrac’s focus is on understanding the needs of subtleties of each client, making training more meaningful and productive. We leverage expertise with not only our internal team but also blend it with our knowledge grid professionals to provide first hand experiences which turns the training sessions lively and pragmatic.

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Learn how to leverage our training & pro bono services?

We engage with our clients to provide pro bono consulting for joint objectives of rendering low cost & public welfare services which are delivered in following manner:

  • Low Cost
    • We render research support to the client’s engaged in pro bono projects at low cost. We believe in supporting with best in class services without factoring any margins and out of pocket expenses for such projects and utilize entire span of our capabilities. Further, we combine with multiple clients for similar nature of projects which are taken up for pro bono purpose. Our consultants have experience in partnering with clients to help them witness transformation in their business for benefit of common public, be it any infrastructure or energy solutions for society.
  • Public Welfare
    • We engage with both the government as well non-government organisations to support the projects which need assistance at lower cost yet effective results. As for us to lead with example is always valuable, hence we do so by supporting all public welfare projects with best in class services. We support the Government projects for public welfare by getting empanelled as qualified agency to lend research and advisory services.

We bring best of our expertise not only through internal team but also our knowledge grid professionals which enable cross functional training sessions that are objective oriented, lively & pragmatic. We offer different training modules ranging from thermal power plants to corporates & institutes as per both pre-tailored & designed topics and need based topics. Typically for thermal power plants & corporates following modules are employed:

  • Thermal Power Plants
    • We help professionals at thermal power projects with financial, technical and operational training modules. Custom designed for the participants the pace of each module is designed to suit the requirements of all sizes of training batches whether large, medium or small.
  • Corporates
    • We also provide corporate training for corporates, institutions & SME’s wherein we leverage expertise from our widespread external and well developed internal channels. We train professionals through custom modules which inclusive of important aspects like financials, operational and HR facets.

Our pro bono & training services are oriented to treat every business & their respective need alike

Through our pro bono & training services your business shall have access to all our services at low cost under pro bono consulting. Further, we train corporates & SME's with immense passion to build capabilities & orient their business objectives judiciously


Supporting government bodies & NGOs

We ally with government bodies in distinct business segments and mainly in India. We also offer onsite solutions for the NGO bodies.


Training you to be updated

We train you to be updated in order to ensure productivity, efficiency & skill development for your business


Making you understand

We train to enhance the key skills in order to minimise the error so that the business process comprehension for your work force is apt and seamless

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At Eninrac, we offer a wide range of market research, advisory & consulting solutions, from Business Intelligence to Benchmarking services. We put ‘search’ in research to help expand your business with ease. Discover all the possibilities now.

Market Research Services

Market research is instrumental to determine opportunity for businesses. With Eninrac you get access to market information that is accurate & absolute in nature, processed from big data. Find the right market research service offering that matches your business.

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Strategy & Innovation

Through eninrac's strategy & innovation services your business shall develop an approach that's thorough, action oriented & in semblance with debate and ambiguity.

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Transformation & Sustainability

For any successful transformation it is important to promote productive behaviour and skills which energise organisation's work force in a manner to achieve sustained results.

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Advisory & Consulting Services

Eninrac advisory & consulting services identify and qualify all opportunities offered by market discontinuities. Whether you are looking to maximize operational efficiency or invest in business growth, our experts can guide you through the process.

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Combine market knowledge and your skill to contribute value for end consumers


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