Conducting rigorous pre feasibility reports  and preparing synchronised detailed project reports

Whenever a new build cycle begins the business owners, EPC contractors and the OEMs have the opportunity to reflect upon where they have fallen short in planning & executing the capital intensive project. Our PFR/DPR services involve high degree of rigor aimed to reduce risk elements for your business.

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Maximise value and implement early ground work for a strong contracting strategy through our PFR & DPR services

What are PFR/DPR Services?

Through our DPR & PFR services business owners can align their goals of value maximisation of the project by opting for rigorous project feasibility studies which prompt their contractors to maximise the values without increasing the intermittent financials. This can be done through ideally a three staged process which also enables a comprehensive detailed project report preparation & includes following key attributes:

  • Preparing a pool of multiple contractors
    • It is ideal to create a pool of potential contractors to choose from which can produce value creation ideas and prevent gold plating while maximising NPV. It is also recommended to conduct iterative and a spread of feasibility studies to have a high quality assessment which shall result in significant savings for the project life.
  • Ensuring project owners have minimum "skin in the game"
    • Our PFR & DPR services are oriented in a way to ensure that minimal risks are involved for entering into the CAPEX stage of the project while guarding the business interests of owner's for project life cycle

We therefore, specialise in internal, technical industry & functional benchmarking for our clients in order to orient their products, services, operations at par to the respective standards of benchmarks.

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Why our PFR/DPR services suit your business requirements?

Our team is well equipped to support the need of client’s for assessing feasibility for a site to be developed into a potential project through conducting pre-feasibility study involving features of assessing both operational and financial viability. We also help in preparation of detailed project reports mainly for projects associated with power, solar, wind and other renewable practices.

The offerings under PFR/DPR services for various sectors are as below:

  • Oil & Gas
    • Under our PFR/DPR service we support in conducting feasibility studies across the sector value chain. We leverage our industry association with premier institutions to support such assignments as per client need and typically engage in conducting fuel retailing feasibility studies.
  • Power
    • For the power sector we render our PFR/DPR services to assist in conducting feasibility analysis for thermal projects coupled with formulation of detailed project report and environment analysis and impact study.
  • Solar
    • Solar sector is one of the most brimming sector and hence we provide host of solutions through our PFR/DPR services resulting in meeting the business needs of project developers, equipment suppliers, module suppliers & engineering procurement & construction service providers etc. We also assist in assessing project feasibility, detailed project report preparation and power tie-up agreements for MW as well roof-top solutions.
  • Wind
    • For the wind sector our PFR/DPR services cater to the business needs of project developers, equipment suppliers, balance of plant & engineering procurement & construction service providers, project consultants, regulators, power traders etc. We also assist in assessing project feasibility, detailed project report preparation and power tie-up agreements.

Our team of domain specialists believe that conducting feasibility studies are more than just a mandatory process step or stage gate & in fact are realistically existing last opportunity to thoroughly define and optimise the project business case to rigorously plan for execution & operations.

Our PFR/DPR services at Eninrac Include

If you are not familiar yet with our PFR/DPR services benefits, here's an overview:


Develop a detailed construction execution strategy

This involves those part of assessing feasibility and preparing detailed project report which consists of defining work packages, planning site logistics, detailing of construction sequence & coordination with vendors for any offsite fabrication.


Early investments in operations for readiness of work with minimum cost

Investing early in operations, readiness work & addressing as a minimum, the commissioning plan and equipment strategy coupled with performance management and stringent operating practices assessed at feasibility stage shall improve the project's CAPEX flow and operations alike


Build & optimise an integrated master schedule

For project teams to do well some fundamental best practices are part of PFR/DPR services which ensure to develop a rigorous integrated master schedule factoring embedded construction planning, marketing strategy, operations scale up and future aspirations at every stage

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