Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be invoiced for my order and pay later?

No. All the customers are required to pay in full amount while procuring the report through various payments method available on the checkout page. Further, for all the customers who are willing to issue a “Work Order” for the procurement of the report will be kindly asked to remit payment prior to the reports being delivered.

Can I share a report?

Sharing of report depends upon the type of license selected while procuring the report. Under “Single-User” license, you may not be able to share the report with your colleagues, even withing your organisation. Under “Multi-User” license, you may be able to share the report with maximum 5 of your colleagues. Under “Site-User” license, you may be able to share the report within your organisation limited to only one geographic location. Under “Corporate-User” license, you may be able to share the report across all geographies within an organisation.

How can I use the information obtained from the reports?

You can copy the report or its extracts into new files and distribute to other users at your company and otherwise use the report for internal business purposes only as per your license of procurement of report. Where you use any information contained in the report, you must ensure it is clearly attributed to Eninrac Consulting Private Limited. For example:

“The [chart/graph/table/information] was obtained from [name of Report - Date], a product of Eninrac Consulting Private Limited.” Alternatively, you can mention Eninrac Consulting Private Limited as a source wherever you use such information.

You are prohibited from sharing our reports with any third parties without prior written consent from Eninrac Consulting Private Limited.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

Contact our customer service team with any queries about a report or an order.
Email : Contact No. : (+91) 7290016953, (+91) 7290016959

How will I receive my report?

After you buy a report, you'll receive an email with a link to download the report and any related data files.

What format(s) do the reports come in?

You'll receive your report(s) as a PDF and all related data as Excel files.

When will I receive my order?

You’ll receive an email with a download link for each report purchased, if report is already published within 8 hours of your purchase. For the reports which are due publishing in near future, a separate email shall be sent with all the delivery details mentioned. If you haven't received your report(s) within 8 hours of your transaction, please contact our customer service team at the numbers shown above. If you pay by NEFT/Bank transfer, it may take a few days for funds to clear and for your report to be delivered. To ensure your digital download reaches your email and not your spam or trash folder, please whitelist our email address domain, You can check with your email service to find out how to whitelist.

Can I talk to the analyst(s) who wrote the report?

Yes, you may be able to contact the analyst(s) who worked on a report. The contact details of the analyst(s) shall be mentioned in the report.

Is the payment process secure?

Yes. We're committed to making your digital purchases secure, and we take special steps to ensure that you and your banking details are safe.

Why should I create an account?

Creating an account allows you to view your order history and download previous reports you've purchased, as well as save time with faster checkouts in the future. You can also set your preferences so we can tell you about new content you're interested in and promotional offers.

What if I'm having trouble logging in?

If you've forgotten your password, please select the ”Forgot Password” link on the sign in page. Your password will be sent to the email address you provided when you created your account.

Can I pay for this report in another currency?

Our site shows prices in US Dollars. Our payment gateway enables to convert the US Dollar to local currency you want to transact in as per conversion rates prevailing that time. For further assistance, you may please contact:

Email :

Contact No. : (+91) 7290016953, (+91) 7290016959

How do I subscribe to Eninrac Consulting?

If you're interested in upgrading to a subscription with us, please contact our customer service team. Subscribing to Eninrac Consulting means you get access to our analysts, automatic updates of reports, and in some cases a dedicated account management team.

Email :

Contact No. : (+91) 7290016953, (+91) 7290016959

Why do I get an error message when trying to unzip my downloaded files?

If you have downloaded purchase report files to a local file directory on your computer and try to unzip them, you may receive an error message such as "warning: filename too long—truncating". We recommend you move the downloaded zip file to your C:\ root directory and unzip from there. You can then transfer the unzipped files to any other directory folder.

What if my money got debited but Transaction Failed or Not Received in your Account?

A payment can fail due to multiple reasons: Network issues, browser issues, OTP not received on time etc. Typically in case of a failed payment you should be redirected to the failed payments page, but in some cases the browser gets stuck at one page or the page might break due to increased load time. Not to worry, your money is safe!
For any failed transaction, the money will automatically get refunded into your account in 6-7 bank working days.

What if I have some issues with the authenticity of data/information presented in report?

Although, team Eninrac, takes utmost care in presenting the most updated and robust datasets/information backed by concrete primary and secondary research, one should also take into consideration that humans are at work and human error is natural. If you have some grievances in regards with any data/information presented, please connect directly with the respective analyst(s) of the report.

What if I want to conduct a Customized Research?

Didn’t get your desired coverage in the listed reports. No worries, we are happy to do a custom study for you. Just drop an email at the following id:

Email :

What if I want to use your Advisory & Consulting Services?

If you are interested in our Advisory & Consulting Service practice you may directly write at the below mentioned email id with detailed requirements.


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