European region is all about strong market with strong currency

For proven growth markets like Europe, the challenge is about managing competition offered from Asian region to witness continuous productivity, which our services ensure to manage.


Service Geography - Europe

With strong capabilities and resources to handle nationwide projects across different countries of Eurasian region, eninrac is well positioned to lead multi-country projects in varied industrial segments from the region, and synergize learning between different countries when required. Our network of fieldwork covers a wide spectrum across all major countries of the region breadth of different industry practices.

Our unique team structure and background enables us to value add by providing business insights with knowledge of cultures and nuances of the West & East together, blended with an international perspective.

Our multi-national team of researchers are verse with the market happenings, facilitating our moderation and interviewing work across regions, often communicating with clients on the go, and facilitating cross learning between industry practices. Combined with our marketing and product innovation experience, we bring actionable insights into the boardrooms of our clients.

Services for Europe

Business Intelligence

Transformative & actionable intelligence services to offer faster and efficient deployment for clients

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Due Diligence

Flexible & analytics driven due diligence services which incorporates our extensive proprietary knowledge and deep industry experience

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Benchmarking Services

Relevant benchmarking services to reduce cost competitiveness and secure operational excellence

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Conducting rigorous feasibility studies & preparing synchronised detailed project reports

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Market Tracking & Sizing

Identifying potential buyers of products or services for your business within a given market

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Market Analytics

Anchoring market analytics to your business strategies

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Competitor Analysis

Out manoeuvring competition for your business through aligned & cohesive competitive strategy

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Research on Demand Tracking

Adapting a consultative approach, implying fresh ideas & sourcing most critical data for your business

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Change Management

Generating the ownership and fostering energy to make the change happen

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Growth Strategy

Delivering constant flow of growth through allowing synergies that can multiply impact

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Product Innovation Strategy

Speeding up product innovation to fend off disruption for your business

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Operations Strategy

Transforming customer experience, enterprise efficiency & effectiveness through channelled operations

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Combine market knowledge and your skill to contribute value for end consumers


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Renewable Energy Landscape in Andhra Pradesh


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