By Ravi Shekhar, Nitika Sharma,

Analysing Blow to India's Business Armour
Why a 60nm virus threatens a dent of multi-billion dollars to Indian economy?

India was amidst lowered GDP when the COVID19 outbreak hit the world and therefore is liable to put more pressure on country’s economy. If the situation world over worsens the depth of impact of COVID 19 over India’s economy shall be more and could impact both consumption and investment. While Indian businesses, barring a few sectors, can possibly insulate themselves from global supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic due to lower or no reliance on intermediate imports, their exports to effected nations, however, may be left impacted.


Key position vectors for disrupting Indian economy

Scenario wise assessment of impact on employment levels


What India Inc. feels – What are the risks for the private sector?

Lockdown leading to crippled cashflows and reduced consumption


About the author(s)

Ravi Shekhar
Distinctive client leader, trusted counselling relationships with several senior executives at multiple, large, energy & infrastructure utilities and consulting firms. Proven track record of delivering sustainable impact through structured problem solving and analytical insight generation. Over a decade of consulting and market research concrete experience and engaged in turning business results in leadership roles under entrepreneurial activity from the past 7 years. Have presided over top corporate centre experience leading direct reports and teams in new product development, public private partnerships, business development, and technology program management. NPTI Alumni with McKinsey Consulting experience.

Nitika Sharma



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