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Electric Vehicles in India - Restarting the curve all again from penetrating, to surviving COVID-19 jolt and to thriving. Amit Kumar on future of Electric Mobility & its Adaptability

May 2020 ― Knowledge+ - As the 'COVID-19' crisis rages, Automotive OEMs and players within the mobility industry are among the hardest hit. Read More

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Power Transmission Sector in India : Connecting the Unconnected , Expanding Networks Till the Last Mile – Telling the Growth Story

March 2018 ― Better pace of project implementation and stable attention from the government has made power transmission a new business zone and promising investment destinat Read More

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Coronavirus led uncertain times & it's impact on Commercial Contracts : Avinash Menon on Legal Aspects of Force Majeure in India

April 2020 ― Knowledge+ - Coronavirus led uncertain times & its impact on Commercial Contracts, Avinash Menon, on Legal Aspects of Force Majeure in India Read More

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Impact Assessment of Solar Rooftops on Power Distribution Companies’ Revenue in India

September 2019 ― Solar’s changing economics are already influencing business consumption and investment across the globe. Read More

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Impact Assessment on LNG market in India in Q1 2020 amidst the crisis of Covid-19 outbreak

March 2020 ― The industry has always seen India as a promising market for LNG, even though its actual demand has tended to disappoint, and its fortunes have lagged behind ri Read More

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Region Wise Opportunity Assessment for Waste to Energy (W2E) in India till 2030

March 2020 ― Waste generation across the country is increasing courtesy an enhanced rate of urbanization and higher commercialization & industrialization degree. The rate of Read More