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Is India cognizant enough of non-performing assets (NPAs) wave building for Renewable Energy (RE) Projects?

March 2021 ― Indian renewable sector has cornered the bulk of private funding, especially over the last decade from FY10. With heavy dues piled up by discoms for RE generato Read More

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Is tariff rationalization key to sustainable future of discoms badgered with losses?

March 2021 ― For a sustainable power sector, distribution utilities need to depart from being the “Achilles Heel” and secure a sustained reduction in their loss levels Read More

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Will an all-EV strategy for India be suitable enough?

March 2021 ― Tune of preparedness in terms of electricity demand auguring from an all-EV strategy quintessential for India. Do we have apt preparedness? Read More

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Why capping net metering in India turning into a conundrum?

February 2021 ― For the faction of industry voicing concerns upon growth of renewables getting hampered courtesy new net metering policy in India Read More

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Will the picked up pace in recent digital transformation pave the way for data center investment in India?

February 2021 ― From the cost, centre to profit centre – Will the data centre infrastructure investment be an asset to the companies in India’s Digital Economy? Read More

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Enhanced emphasis upon feeder segregation post India Budget 2021 in India, but will it resolve the cross-subsidy issue?

February 2021 ― The industry in unison celebrates “feeder segregation” as a touted solution to cross-subsidy woes of the discoms Read More