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Why capping net metering in India turning into a conundrum?

February 2021 ― For the faction of industry voicing concerns upon growth of renewables getting hampered courtesy new net metering policy in India Read More

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Will the picked up pace in recent digital transformation pave the way for data center investment in India?

February 2021 ― From the cost, centre to profit centre – Will the data centre infrastructure investment be an asset to the companies in India’s Digital Economy? Read More

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Enhanced emphasis upon feeder segregation post India Budget 2021 in India, but will it resolve the cross-subsidy issue?

February 2021 ― The industry in unison celebrates “feeder segregation” as a touted solution to cross-subsidy woes of the discoms Read More

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With the planned ingress of large volumes of renewable energy into the grid, how will India tackle the issue of frequent backing down and ramping up of thermal plants?

February 2021 ― With coal fired plants still dominating both the installed and actual generation, will entire value chain be impacted with higher ingress of RE in the country? Read More

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Power and People: How the change in Electricity Rules will shift the power from Utilities to Consumers?

February 2021 ― The proposed changes in Electricity Rules is an effective pathway to bring the consumers at the centre of the power system and improving the power distribution Read More

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Will Privatisation of Power Distribution Utilities in India be Adaptive Enough to Control Exodus of Retails Consumers and be Politically Palatable?

November 2020 ― Will the power of PPP put the right plug in ailing and dysfunctional power distribution utilities in India? Read More