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pvtzation-banner.jpg Blue Papers ― Vantedge+

Will Privatisation of Power Distribution Utilities in India be Adaptive Enough to Control Exodus of Retails Consumers and be Politically Palatable?

November 2020 ― Will the power of PPP put the right plug in ailing and dysfunctional power distribution utilities in India? Read More

rooftop_covid19-banner.jpg 80-Twenty ― Vantedge+

COVID - 19 Outbreak to tumble pace of Renewable Capacity Addition - Will Rooftop Solar to be Worst Hit?

November 2020 ― Knowledge+ - The outbreak of Coronavirus has hit the global supply chain, and this shall delay the commissioning of solar rooftop projects Read More

vantedge_distribution.jpg Perspectives ― Vantedge+

COVID 19 Cascading Impact on Power Demand-Supply Build Up in India: Are there Recovery Greens Flashing or the Reds Likely to Persist for Long?

October 2020 ― A key risk from COVID-19 pandemic for already struggling distribution utilities arises from the loss of revenues from commercial and industrial consumers which Read More

li-ion-battery.jpg Perspectives ― Vantedge+

Accelerating toward Competitive Landscape for Battery Energy Storage in India: Analysing Cost Dynamics of Li-ion Batteries

August 2020 ― Storage Business Case Massive in Near Future With Close to USD 160 Billion Cumulative Market Size Globally, With India Set to be the Leading Contributor Read More

electricity-grid-new-banner.jpg Perspectives ― Vantedge+

European Super Grid – Moving Transmission Systems Towards A Decarbonized And Integrated Europe

August 2020 ― COVID-19 to have an impact on fresh investments in power transmission in Europe, commissioning of new power transmission lines likely to be affected Read More

medical-equipment._.png Perspectives ― Vantedge+

COVID 19 – A Silver Lining for Healthcare Equipment Manufacturing Industry in India Amidst all Gloom, “Preparedness” is what “Prescribed” to the Private Players

July 2020 ― At outset of this new decade 2020, the world witnessed one of the biggest and toughest health crisis in the form of COVID 19 Read More