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Last Update 04 August 2023

Understanding potential and demand for hydrogen economy in India

India – Potential & Vision for Hydrogen Economy

There is tremendous potential for low-cost, low-carbon production of H2 in India and the Government along with industry identifies the same.

India is uniquely positioned to build a leading hydrogen economy

For electrolytic hydrogen, the country has ample renewable and low-carbon electricity resources, including wind, solar, and hydropower, while nuclear power is gaining grounds in the country and may turn up to be a useful resource as well.. Further, India is developing large-scale renewable power, with forecasts for the costs of electricity production as low as $20-$25 per MWh in 2030.

Utilizing all forms of domestic energy for hydrogen generation increases energy security by decreasing energy imports. Hydrogen can be flexibly generated, which offers consumers the lowest cost of multiple energy sources at any given time and will create economic growth across India, including in regions that are traditionally not energy producers. Furthermore, this flexibility of hydrogen increases the resilience and reliability of the entire Indian energy system.


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State Wise Progress under PM-KUSUM Scheme - India


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Renewable Energy Landscape in Andhra Pradesh


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