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Last Update 10 August 2023

Roadmap for hydrogen economy development in India - Marking key indices

List of clearances & respective timelines for development of hydrogen project in India

The full benefits of hydrogen & fuel cell technologies play out when deployed at scale and across multiple applications
Hydrogen is at a turning point and will benefit from economies of scale as it ramps up across states and sectors in what is known as sector coupling. Sector coupling refers to “the idea of interconnecting (integrating) the energy-consuming sectors – buildings (heating and cooling), transport, and industry -with the power-producing sector in order to provide grid-balancing services to the power sector, including supply-side integration focused on the integration of the power and gas sectors for reliability and resiliency. When deployed across multiple applications, systemic benefits start to kick in: infrastructure costs are shared across applications, technological developments in one application can be applied to others, and sector coupling benefits play a meaningful role.

Global Benchmarking GH2 policy roadmaps and strategies

Roadmap to a hydrogen economy
The supply of hydrogen scales up and shifts to low-carbon technologies. Hydrogen is currently produced mainly from natural gas without CCS globally, which could deliver 40 to 50 percent lower GHG emissions than gasoline ICEs and zero tailpipe emissions for light-duty FCEVs. New low carbon hydrogen production pathways using natural-gas reforming techniques exist, such as steam methane reforming (SMR) and autothermal reforming (ATR) with CCS or with renewable natural gas (RNG). Likewise, players can scale up existing water electrolysis with low-carbon electricity, including renewables. As these production pathways grow, costs will decline significantly.


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Electric Vehicles Adaptation Target in the Southeast Asian Nations


Discom wise Projected Power Sales & Annual Revenue Requirement in Odisha for FY 2024-25


Discom wise Estimated Power Sales & Annual Revenue Requirement in Madhya Pradesh for FY 2023-24


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