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Last Update 18 August 2023

Modelling levelised cost of hydrogen under scenario based circumstances for India for Alkaline Water Electrolysis

Pricing of hydrogen in India Scenario based estimation using “Data to Information” (D2I) Model

Building a hydrogen economy will require substantial investment. Production technologies alone will need to attract between $4.68 billion and $15.24 billion by 2035. Minimizing the hydrogen conversion, storage and transport costs by using localized applications could significantly improve hydrogen’s commercial competitiveness.

This section sets out the findings of the eninrac’s “Data to Information” (D2I) model to analyze LCOH. The aim of the model is to show the impact of each segment of the hydrogen value chain.
LCOH figures help to understand the cost of hydrogen per unit – in our model it is USD per kg.

Levelised Cost of Hydrogen – Alkaline Water Electrolysis

While using ALK technology the LCOH is projected to be USD 6.23/kWh by 2050 under Base Case Scenario while electricity is being fed through grid. Further, the LCOH is expected to be USD 6.40/kWh & USD 6.07/kWh under High Case Scenario & Low Case Scenario respectively by 2050.

Under base scenario the LCOH comes out to be USD 5.70/kWh in 2020 while using power through grid. Further, LCOH comes out to be USD 5.97/kWh while feeding power through solar & USD 5.78/kWh while feeding power through wind under in 2020.


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