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Last Update 28 August 2023

Identifying demand clusters for hydrogen in India as per end use industries - Urea & Ammonia

Identification of key demand clusters of hydrogen in India

Across Indian industry, there are considerable efforts to establish a hydrogen economy in India, not least , the work being taken forward by oil marketing companies such as Indian Oil

Identification of key demand clusters of hydrogen in India by region & end use.

Hydrogen is a promising energy carrier which has the potential to address several energy sector related challenges and technically from the application point of view can substitute the conventional fuels. Hydrogen can provide linkages between energy supply and demand in  both a centralized or decentralized manner, thereby enhancing the overall energy system flexibility. The low carbon energy can be connected to sectors like transport and buildings or even hard to abate sector like steel and cement industry.

Presently, demand of hydrogen in India is 6 mt/year and is mainly driven from the industrial sectors such as chemical and petrochemical units.

Clear recognition of hydrogen’s cross-economy role in India, outlines for scaling up use in transport, industrial applications and power.

Presently, more than 100 research groups are focusing on fuel cell technology. There are a number of international and domestic companies in India that are involved in hydrogen production, storage and its distribution- including Praxair (USA), Linde (global member of hydrogen council ), Inox (Indo-US joint venture), Air Liquide (France), SAGIM (France), Air Products (USA), Fuel cell energy (USA), H2Scan (USA), ITM Power (UK), Heliocentris (Germany), Aditya Birla Group, Bhoruka Gases Limited, Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited, Air Science Technologies and Sukan Engineering Private Limited.


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State Wise Progress under PM-KUSUM Scheme - India


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