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Last Update 18 March 2024

Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure within India

Market for hydrogen transport technology

Fuel Supply & Refueling Infrastructure

There are four developed approaches to hydrogen refueling. Industry consultation during the “VoC” suggests that either decentralized electrolysis (the process of using electricity to split water to produce hydrogen), or hydrogen gas offtake from centralized facility (producing hydrogen for other applications by one of a variety of methods, as discussed in previous sections of the report.

Hydrogen refueling infrastructure within India is very nascent with only few live examples of the technology. Furthermore, these examples are mainly within PPP mode or private mode and not readily available for public use.

In most instances, the assessment of potential hydrogen trials and pilots has included the costs required to procure and implement hydrogen refueling technology. The assessment, however, leaves the technology used as deliberately generic – it does not specify whether the refueling is centralized, decentralized or the delivery method of the hydrogen fuel, where applicable. Our research suggests that the refueling technology choice is mostly agnostic to the use case and more dependent on the geographical and supply chain constraints of each specific project.


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