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Last Update 12 April 2023

India eyes global hydrogen hub by 2030-35 with major investments in ecosystem

Hydrogen is emerging as a promising alternative energy source that has the potential to reduce carbon emissions and create a cleaner future. India is looking to capitalize on this opportunity by attracting significant investments in the development of a hydrogen ecosystem. The country aims to become a global hub for hydrogen-based technologies by 2030-35, which will require the establishment of a comprehensive supply chain and infrastructure for hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and utilization. This initiative is expected to open up new opportunities for research and development, job creation, and economic growth in India.

Mr. Ravi Shekhar, Director & Head, of Eninrac Consulting says "Hydrogen undoubtedly will see high uptake in India, but it will not be a seamless transition. Be it production, transport, and storage or the demand creation for end use the need for the country to boost the adaptation of hydrogen will have to be firmed up by creating an ecosystem. Central to that ecosystem shall be demand creation for both green and blue hydrogen for which suitable policy environments like H2 and NH3 purchase obligations could be promoted thereby pushing an important market aspect of hydrogen trade. For India to be the hydrogen hub it shall be important to tap into the renewable generation advantage and invest in R&D for developing low cost electrolyzer technology which will prove instrumental to determine global competency, especially with respect to China. For industries, the transition for adapting hydrogen shall be from blue to green and will be shaped up as per concurrent policies and global geopolitics."

Clean hydrogen can lead to 80 gigatons of CO2 abatement by 2050, mainly from industrial and transport usage, which presents a strong business case for the development of the Hydrogen Market in India, in this milieu eninrac consulting is coming up with the latest market research publication. To get a copy of our latest publication on "Hydrogen Economy Market Opportunity in India & Outlook 2035" please visit: https://store.eninrac.com/reports/hydrogen-economy-market-opportunity-in-india-and-outlook-20351

- Communications Team


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