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Last Update 21 June 2023

Evaluation of hydrogen investment ecosystem in India

RIL has plans to invest in INR 600 billion to build a 5000-acre green energy complex in Jamnagar, Gujarat

Hydrogen has been an upcoming sector across the globe with huge industrial applications. Increasing number of companies across the globe are now exploring the green hydrogen. Green hydrogen has been labelled as one of the cleanest forms of energy in the world. It is being looked at as the ultimate solution to achieve net zero emissions. Through the process of electrolysis, all that is needed to produce hydrogen is water, a big electrolyser and electricity. The electric current then splits the water into its two components- hydrogen and oxygen. This means no release of greenhouse emissions since oxygen is the only by product of this process. Additionally, if the electricity used comes from renewable sources, it makes the process completely emission free.

In line with India’s ambitious green commitments, GoI aims to transform India into an energy independent nation by 2047 where green hydrogen will play an active role as an alternate fuel to petroleum/ fossil-based products. To keep pace with global companies, National Hydrogen Mission was announced in the Budget FY 2021-22 to produce the hydrogen from green energy sources. The scheme was announced putting Green Hydrogen at the heart of India’s energy security and climate change.

IOCL has plans to set up a green hydrogen plant at its Mathura Refinery in Uttar Pradesh with a capacity of around 160,000 barrels per day - IOCL

Government targets and public sector funding for hydrogen

Presently, more than 100 research groups are focusing on fuel cell technology. There are a number of international and domestic companies in India that are involved in hydrogen production, storage and its distribution- including Praxair (USA), Linde (global member of hydrogen council ), Inox (Indo-US joint venture), Air Liquide (France), SAGIM (France), Air Products (USA), Fuel cell energy (USA), H2Scan (USA), ITM Power (UK), Heliocentris (Germany), Aditya Birla Group, Bhoruka Gases Limited, Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited, Air Science Technologies and Sukan Engineering Private Limited.


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