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Transitioning to Green Energy: A Case Study on Eninrac's Due Diligence Services for Renewable Power Asset Identification

This case study examines the partnership between Eninrac Consulting Private Limited, and Britannia Industries, a company with a 120-year legacy of creating snacks full of exciting goodness seeking to transition its power sourcing to renewable energy. Eninrac's expertise in identifying suitable solar and wind assets played a crucial role in enabling Britannia to make informed decisions in their green energy transition.

What was the study about?

Leveraging Eninrac's Due Diligence Expertise: Britannia's Sustainable Transition to Renewable Energy

Britannia, a prominent player in the consumer goods industry, recognized the importance of reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future.

As part of their sustainability initiatives, Britannia aimed to source a significant portion of its power requirements from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind (captive mode). To ensure a successful transition, Britannia sought Eninrac's assistance in identifying, evaluating, and selecting suitable solar and wind assets.

Focus areas of the study

Assessing the Feasibility and Viability of Solar and Wind Assets for Britannia's Renewable Energy Transition

The focus area of this case study revolves around assessing the feasibility and viability of solar and wind assets for Britannia's transition to renewable energy. In this study, Eninrac's due diligence services play a crucial role in thoroughly evaluating potential solar and wind projects to ensure their suitability for Britannia's sustainable energy goals.

The due diligence process involves analyzing critical factors such as solar irradiation levels, wind patterns, grid connectivity, infrastructure requirements, permitting regulations and EPC capabilities of the developers. Eninrac's team of experts examines these factors to assess the potential risks, returns, and overall attractiveness of each renewable energy asset.

Challenges Faced

Overcoming Challenges in Britannia's Green Energy Transition with Eninrac's Expert Due Diligence Guidance

Britannia faced several challenges while embarking on its green energy transition journey. These challenges included understanding the renewable energy market landscape, identifying suitable solar and wind assets, assessing technical and financial feasibility, evaluating potential risks and returns, navigating the complex regulatory framework governing renewable energy projects and finalizing upon the EPC player.

Eninrac's expertise in due diligence was instrumental in addressing these challenges and providing expert guidance to Britannia. The due diligence study covered the following:

• Operational Due Diligence
• Financial Due Diligence
• Commercial Due Diligence

Results Achieved

Eninrac’s Services Empower Britannia's Informed Decision-Making for a Successful Green Energy Transition

Eninrac's due diligence services enabled Britannia to make well-informed decisions throughout their green energy transition. By leveraging Eninrac's expertise, Britannia successfully identified and prioritized solar and wind projects that aligned with their sustainability goals, financial objectives, and operational considerations.

Eninrac's thorough analysis and recommendations provided Britannia with a clear understanding of the technical feasibility, financial viability, and potential risks associated with each identified asset. This empowered Britannia to confidently proceed with negotiations and further project development, ensuring that the selected solar and wind assets would deliver optimal value and contribute to their green energy objectives.

• Eninrac's due diligence services played a pivotal role in guiding Britannia through the complex process of identifying and evaluating renewable power assets.

• By leveraging Eninrac's industry knowledge, technical expertise, and comprehensive analysis, Britannia successfully transitioned to sourcing approximately 140 MW of Solar (both ground mounted & rooftop) & 120 MW of Wind power.


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