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PTC - india

Study on Examining the Power Situation & Estimating Latent Power Demand in India

The client wishes to commission a gap examination study in typical power demand estimation process for select few Indian states (West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra). The client wants to unleash the latent power demand in these states and the mechanics behind estimating the same. Further, it wishes to understand key regions to be targeted for increasing their revenue and a strategy for making the state discoms inclusive in the process

Scope of the study –

Scope is broadly split into following phases -.

Objective 1. Power demand-supply build up and drivers
Objective 2. Power generation scenario and its outlook
Objective 3. Power demand situation analysis & examining the operational & financial health of state discoms
Objective 4.  Regulatory & Policy landscape
Objective 5. Detailed assessment of latent power demand

Service Module Employed – Advisory & Consulting

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Client Testimonial

The report prepared by eninrac team was very useful for us to understand the market as well as the ignored pain points for long by the DISCOMs. It helped us to set the agenda right – Director , Transactions


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