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Feasibility examination study for LNG-based CCGT plant & allied small-scale green hydrogen production

In November 2022 Odisha was identified among the top 10 states in India for developing as a green hydrogen & ammonia manufacturing cluster/zone enabling the country to kickstart its “National Green Hydrogen Mission” in its initial years. Furthermore, Odisha is also giving impetus to developing LNG terminals across the state. Companies such as – Petronet, and Adani are investing heavily in strengthening the LNG import facilities of Odisha. Looking onto the thrust that the Odisha government is giving on emancipating the development across energy space, our client intended to conduct a detailed feasibility assessment upon technical, economic & operational aspects of LNG Based CCGT Plant & allied small-scale green hydrogen production in Odisha with power sale option to Bangladesh

What was the study about?

Examining the feasibility of the first ever green hydrogen-LNG-based CCGT power plant in Dhamra, Odisha

The client wishes to conduct a detailed feasibility examination of the first-ever Green Hydrogen-LNG based CCGT power plant. The project location was in the vicinity of Dhamra Port, in the Bhadrak district of Odisha. The power generation capacity of the plant will be 423 MW of which 422.15 MW is LNG based and 0.85 MW shall be powered through green hydrogen.

Focus areas of the study

The objective of the study was to encourage hydrogen production for generating electricity & evaluate power sale options

The client wishes to set up a CCGT plant coupled with a green hydrogen production facility, generate electricity from that & evaluate long-term cross-border power sale options, especially to Bangladesh, in case the project receives an uptick in feasibility. The prime focus area of this study was to examine & secure power offtake arrangements with the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) with the goal of environment-friendly energy infrastructure build-up in the South Asia region.

Eninrac’s approach for the study

To cater to the client’s requirements, the study was broadly classified into six phases

The scope was broadly classified under six phases

  • Phase I: Examining the State of the power sector in Odisha
  • Phase II: Examining the LNG business case & strategic EodB potential of six coastal cities of Odisha
  • Phase III: Examining the renewable energy development in Odisha
  • Phase IV: Examining the business potential of green hydrogen production in Odisha
  • Phase V: Power Scenario of Bangladesh
  • Phase VI:  Examining technical, financial & operational viability of the project – CBA & RoI assessment

Eninrac’s recommendations

Key prepositions & recommendations suggested by Eninrac to the client

  • Sourcing of LNG from Dhamra port through dedicated infrastructure.
  • Setting up of hydrogen production unit by utilizing PEM electrolyzer and electricity feed through ground-mounted solar plant.
  • Evaluating power offtake in northeastern states of India.
  • Piloting the replacements/offsetting of natural gas through hydrogen in the long term.
  • Long-term contracts for LNG sourcing were recommended
  • Based on pilot results, hydrogen valleys can be developed in the vicinity of Dhamra port which could help the energy-intensive industries decarbonize.


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