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Market Research Study on Indian Coal Sector & Designing Long Range Business Plan

Eninrac was engaged by The Royal Embassy of Indonesia to conduct a comprehensive study on India’s coal market and evaluate export opportunities for the Indonesian players. The objective was to understand the coal – consumption pattern, demand –supply equation, coal pricing and policy/regulation which affect or will be affecting the coal sector and to develop a long-range plan for the client to increase its coal exports to India.

Scope of the study –

The scope was broadly split in the following phases

Phase I: Preparation of deck for accessing information on coal- covering types inclusive of quality, calorific value, composition, and demand – supply situation of coal in India
Phase II: Deep dive on coal pricing and players participation in the industry
Phase III: Details of user industry as per coal demand in India depicting consumption pattern and forecast and India’s Coal Import Market
Phase IV: Policy framework and coal marketing strategy for pan India scale up

Service Module Employed - Market Research

Through our Market Research (MR) vertical we help organisation into a dynamic enterprise through actionable services. We offer innovations which enable clients with faster and efficient deployment. From research and consulting, articulation, and development, to implementation and support, eninrac can architect effective services employing solution accelerators for distinct businesses.

For this engagement we employed our “Research & Consulting” division to conduct a deep dive study and garner an effective solution for the client. Through our market research vertical, we assist our clients to make wise strategic and investment decisions by providing them reliable data, identified target market for their business that improves decision making. We utilize industry leading knowledge to drive organization’s strategy. We help our clients to translate market insights and big data into concrete solutions that drive above the market growth. To develop deep understanding for the client we employ both the primary and secondary research and a range of quantitative and qualitative marketing research approaches plus big data techniques that are both innovative and pragmatic in nature and helps sharing simplified insights to the client.


Solution Driven

We believe in augmenting value to our client’s business. Our team capitalize on knowledge, research, proprietary tools, and thought leadership across categories and industries. We harbour on deeply understanding our client’s organizational set up, formulate strategies to provide tangible solutions through practical and hands on partnership. We believe in growing with the client and not on them.

Client Testimonial

The market assessment for Indonesian Coal in India was aptly done. We congratulate the team for their concerted efforts- His Excellency Ambassador (The Royal Embassy of Indonesia)


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