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Detailed study upon analyzing the gas network demand for Peninsular Malaysia

Eninrac was engaged by a global client for a deep dive market research study upon assessment of gas network demand in Peninsular Malaysia with a focus upon industrial consumers.

Our aim is to deliver comprehensive insights that will aid our client's decision-making process and support their long-term goals in the waste management and facility management sectors, ensuring a successful and informed business journey.

What was the study about?

Estimating the Gas Network Infra Requirement

The client intends to get a study upon forecast for gas networking infrastructure in the coming years with a focus upon industrial consumers/usage in Peninsular Malaysia. .The client wishes to identify the key factors which would be responsible for projecting the gas consumption rate by industries, thereby leading to an estimate of gas infrastructure in co herence with the industrial demand as per key pockets and expansion of pipeline network with respect to the existing infrastructure utilization rate & the TOTEX (CAPEX+OPEX) involved in such planning & expansion. A detailed natural gas consumption (NGC) forecasting model for the Peninsular Malaysia can be derived with focus oriented upon the straight of Melaka & extension from Johor to Kereth, Terengganu coupled with key industrial pockets of central & northern Peninsular Malaysia.

Focus areas of the study

Prime focus area pockets to be deeply examined are the ones that lie on “V” of Peninsular Malaysia

The prime focus areas from the supply side will include JDA TMM (Songkhla), Kerteh {including (JDA B17, West Natuna B, Terengganu etc.) & RGT 1 near Melaka along with RGT 2 towards Singapore near Pasir Gudang}. Onto the demand side, the focus area would be to reflect upon the consumption by industries in Malaysia and split over the central, southern, northern & eastern regions of Peninsular Malaysia. . The key pockets to be deeply understood for gas demand built up for the future will lie along the V of Peninsular Malaysia extending from Perlis of north to Selangor , Melaka in west to Johor in south and Terengganu, Kereth in east , Sembilan, Pahang, Kelantan & Perak broadly in central Peninsular Malaysia.

Eninrac’s approach for the study

To cater to the client’s requirements, the study was broadly classified into three phases

Phase I Current gas demand estimation for Peninsular Malaysia
1.1  Assessment of current gas consumption in Peninsular Malysia
1.2  Natural gas demand by industry
       • Rubber Products

       • Food

       • Beverages

       • Tobacco

       • Fertilizers

       • Chemicals & Petrochemicals

       • Basic metals & non- metallic industries

       • Steel industries

       • Automotive industries

1.3  Gas network infrastructure in place from major supply areas to gas    demand centers & gap evaluation in terms of network utilization.

1.4  Understanding current gas-demand supply gas in Peninsular Malaysia and extent of gas network expansion required to meet the demand-supply gas if any.

Phase II Forecasting natural gas consumption in Peninsular Malaysia

Phase III The gas network infrastructure expansion

The D2I Tool

Key factors considered for estimating the gas demand

A D2I tool was developed for estimating the gas demand , this was based upon a mix of macro economic & micro sectoral factors and other critical parameters:

GDP growth rate of Malaysia & contribution of Peninsular Malaysia in the same
Energy consumption structure of Peninsular Malaysia
Rate of Urbanization for Peninsular Malaysia
Industrial Structure & Consumption Pattern Demonstrated coupled with Gas Network Expansion as per Utilization rate
Population Density
Price of substitutes & price of natural gas
Growth in export of Gas (LNG) from Malaysia & contributions from Peninsular Malaysia in the same.
Industry product exports typically those industries which consumes gas as the primary input viz. rubber products, food, beverages, tobacco, fertilizers, chemical-petrochemicals, basic metals & nonmetallic industries etc.
Other domestic consumption (transportation & domestic/commercial piped gas consumption)
Investments & FDI in gas markets of Malaysia & plans of PETRONAS & Gas Malaysia for the same
Industry specific growth rates for gas consuming industries
Rate of decarbonization requirement in Malaysia
Penetration of renewable in the energy mix of Malaysia

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