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Identifying Potential Locations for Installation of EV Charging Infrastructure Across Highways/Expressways

Eninrac team was engaged by the firm that was looking into a phased study split under two broad objectives wherein the first deals with ranking of highways (notified as per DHI – 16 Highways) based on vehicular density and its likely growth under short to medium term i.e. till 2023-2025. Further, the same exercise is to be conducted for Expressways (notified as per DHI – 09 Expressways). Post identification of top Expressways & Highways client seeks to have a detailed survey of proposed sites on both the sides of selected highways & expressways with GPS coordinates

Scope of the study –

The scope was broadly split in the following phases

Phase I: Identification of suitable expressways and highways in line with the notification of DHI for a combined expansion of almost 15000 kms w.r.t to the traffic density that shall be filtered on following parameters –
1. Rates of flow (Vehicles per unit time); 2. Speed (Distance per unit time); 3. Travel time over a known length of road (at some times the inverse of speed tardity is used); 4. Occupancy (Percent of time a point on the road is occupied by vehicles); 5. Density (Vehicles per unit distance); 6. Time headway between two vehicles (time per vehicle); 7. Spacing of space headway between two vehicles (distance per vehicle); 8. Concentration (Measured by density or occupancy)
Phase II:  Mapping Potential Locations Across the Filtered Expressways/Highways- This phase shall help in identifying and mapping of potential sites/locations for the installation of EV Charging stations along with their GPS tagging and type of land ownership. The potential locations shall be mapped as per the primary site survey results and taking into consideration following minimum requirements on the site:
1.An exclusive transformer with all related substation equipment including safety appliance; 2. 33/11 KV line/cables with associated equipment including as needed for line termination/metering etc.; 3. Adequate space for Charging and entry/exit of vehicles; 4. Details upon the availability of land as per ownership and it’s connectivity to nearest distribution network
Phase III:  Finalisation of charging station. This Phase shall help to understand the charging station configuration as per the guidelines along with number and type of chargers to be installed. This phase shall consider the following parameters in order to gauge the type and number of chargers required on the site:
1. DC Fast Chargers configuration & feasibility for allied Watt Ratings typically 20-50 kW range as per 2W & 4W; 2. Current & Upcoming EV Configurations for 4W & 2W; 3. Average per day Units Consumption by a typical EV charging station (Assuming ideal conditions); IV. Safety and Accessibility Considerations

Service Module Employed – Operations Advisory

Through our operations advisory we help clients to reimagine their operational value chain in order to fully optimize their products portfolio and service offerings. Also adding competitive advantage by enhancing the extended service capabilities. We help the clients developing an operating model that enable the organizations to sustain long unlocking value addition

For this engagement we employed our “Research & Consulting” division to conduct a deep dive study and garner an effective solution for the client. Under operations advisory our team of consultants develop such transformation strategies that unlock the full potential of operations both for products and service offerings , sustained by strengthening institutional capabilities and adding agility. We help the client with improving their customer experience, enhance enterprise efficacy, tapping new ideal and complementary markets to venture in terms of improving extended service capabilities


Solution Driven

We believe in augmenting value to our client’s business. Our team capitalize on knowledge, research, proprietary tools, and thought leadership across categories and industries. We harbour on deeply understanding our client’s organizational set up, formulate strategies to provide tangible solutions through practical and hands on partnership. We believe in growing with the client and not on them.

Client Testimonial

Eninrac team has quite a good understanding towards the exact requirements of clients – Director


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