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Chilling Opportunities: A Comprehensive Analysis of India's Refrigerant Market Landscape and Future Prospects

The refrigerant market in India has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, primarily driven by the country's rapid economic development and rising demand for cooling and refrigeration equipment across various industries. Refrigerants are essential for maintaining temperature and humidity levels in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and their demand is closely tied to the growth of these sectors. India's refrigerant market is primarily divided into two segments: the industrial refrigeration segment, which includes refrigeration systems used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, and the air conditioning segment, which includes residential and commercial air conditioning systems. The air conditioning segment is the largest and fastest-growing segment, with increasing urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and changing lifestyles driving demand for air conditioning systems.

What was the study about ?

Refrigerant Market in India: Mapping the sector’s market forces, landscape & opportunities

The client wishes to have a comprehensive study for the Indian refrigerant market, covering a detailed dossier of the market forces, landscape, and opportunities across different states and industry segments. The dossier should include information on the key players, regulatory measures, and technological trends in the Indian refrigerant market. It should also provide a state-wise and industry-wise analysis of the processes, approvals, and documentation required for establishing and expanding refrigerant projects, including feasibility conditions for setting up refrigerant manufacturing units in India. The study also required to conduct a detailed competition benchmarking for all the active players in Indian refrigerant market.

Focus areas of the study

Refrigerant Market in India: Comprehensive Analysis of Market Forces, Competitive Landscape, and Growth Opportunities for Natural Refrigerants and Energy-efficient Solutions

The study was aimed to provide insights into the size, growth trends, and outlook of the Indian refrigerant market, as well as the competitive landscape, including the key players and their market shares. It should also evaluate the impact of regulatory measures, such as the Montreal Protocol and the Kigali Amendment, on the Indian refrigerant market. The study also analyzed the technological trends in the refrigerant market, including the adoption of natural refrigerants and innovations in refrigeration technology. It also identified the growth opportunities in the Indian refrigerant market, including the potential for increased adoption of natural refrigerants, the growth of e-commerce and online sales channels, and the increasing demand for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions.

Eninrac’s approach for the study

To cater to the client’s requirements, the study was broadly classified into five phases

The scope was broadly classified under five phases

  • Phase I: Refrigerant market overview in India and examining the demand centers
  • Phase II: Demand pockets wise opportunity assessment for refrigerants requirement by end use industries – Track of upcoming projects
  • Phase III: Competition Landscaping & Benchmarking for Refrigerant Market in India
  • Phase IV: Due Diligence for Setting up Refrigerants Manufacturing Unit in India
  • Phase V: Examination of Export Opportunities for Refrigerants from India

Eninrac’s recommendations

Unlocking Growth Potential For India's Refrigerant Market– Eninrac’s Key Findings

  • Increase in demand of refrigerant gases.
  • Price premium of HFCs to exist.
  • Evaluating power offtake in northeastern states of India.
  • The palyers needs to increase investment in high quality R&D team.
  • De-risking supply chain.
  • Impetus on manufacturing of HFO-1234yf.
  • Focus on higher capacity utilisation of the plants
  • Sustainable sourcing of raw materials


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