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Assessment and Planning for Sustainable Growth: A Case Study for Preparation of a DPR for 300 MW Wind Power Project in Gujarat

This case study provides a comprehensive analysis of a leading organization engaged in manufacturing electrical construction products, EPC solutions for conventional and renewable power plants, and allied engineering services across the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe and its ambitious pursuit of establishing a 300 MW Wind Power Project in Gujarat, India, to leverage renewable energy, particularly wind power, and contribute to sustainable development. Throughout the study, the organization's technical expertise and global presence come to light, while eninrac, a specialized agency, plays a crucial role in preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR). Eninrac's service capability aids in conducting thorough feasibility studies, financial analysis, and environmental impact assessments, providing valuable insights that empower informed decision-making and reinforce the organization's commitment to environmental stewardship.

What was the study about?

Eninrac's Expertise in Rigorous Pre-Feasibility Reports and Synchronized DPRs: Paving the Path to Sustainable Energy Solution

The organization embarked on an ambitious project to establish a 300 MW Wind Power Project in Gujarat, India, with the objective of harnessing renewable energy, specifically wind power, to address increasing energy demands and promote sustainable development. The case study examines the organization's efforts and strategic planning throughout the process, particularly highlighting the role of eninrac, a specialized agency, in preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR). Eninrac's service capability was instrumental in conducting feasibility studies, financial analysis, and environmental impact assessments, contributing valuable insights to support well-informed decision-making and environmental stewardship.

Focus areas of the study

Charting the Course for Sustainable Wind Power: Eninrac's Expertise in Crafting Comprehensive DPRs for Gujarat's 300 MW Project

The study delves into the scope of work involved in the preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the 300 MW Wind Power Project in Gujarat. Eninrac's expertise encompasses conducting rigorous pre-feasibility studies, evaluating wind resource assessments, analyzing site suitability, and assessing grid connectivity. Additionally, the scope entails thorough financial modeling and cost-benefit analysis to ascertain the project's economic viability.

Eninrac's service capability also extends to conducting comprehensive environmental impact assessments, addressing ecological considerations, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. The study highlights the pivotal role of Eninrac's scope of work in providing a well-structured DPR, essential for informed decision-making and successful implementation of the wind power project.

Eninrac’s scope of work

Pioneering Success with Meticulous and Comprehensive DPRs for Wind Power Projects

Eninrac's expertise in preparing Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) is a cornerstone of their service capability for wind power projects. A DPR is a comprehensive document that outlines all aspects of the proposed project, providing a detailed roadmap for its successful execution. In the context of the 300 MW Wind Power Project in Gujarat, Eninrac's DPR preparation involves the following key aspects:

Technical Specifications: Eninrac provides a detailed description of the technical aspects of the project, including the type and capacity of wind turbines to be used, layout design, and infrastructure requirements.

Financial Analysis: Eninrac conducts an in-depth financial modeling and cost-benefit analysis. This includes evaluating capital expenditure, operational expenses, revenue projections, and return on investment calculations. The financial analysis helps the organization understand the project's financial viability and potential risks.

Project Timeline and Execution Plan: Eninrac outlines a detailed project timeline, including various stages of development, procurement, construction, and commissioning. The execution plan highlights critical milestones and necessary activities to achieve project completion within the designated timeframe.

Regulatory Compliance: Eninrac ensures that all regulatory requirements, permits, and approvals are included in the DPR. They navigate the complex regulatory landscape to ensure the project meets all legal and environmental compliance standards.

Environmental Impact Assessment: Eninrac conducts a comprehensive assessment of the project's environmental impact, identifying potential ecological implications, and proposing mitigation measures to minimize adverse effects.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Eninrac identifies potential risks and challenges that could affect the project's success. They propose strategies to mitigate these risks and offer contingency plans to ensure smooth project implementation.

Social Impact Analysis: Eninrac evaluates the project's potential social impact, considering factors such as community engagement, employment opportunities, and local development initiatives.

Stakeholder Engagement: Eninrac actively involves stakeholders, including the organization, local authorities, and communities, in the DPR preparation process. Their expertise facilitates effective communication and collaboration among all involved parties.

Integration with Pre-Feasibility Studies: Eninrac aligns the findings from the pre-feasibility studies with the DPR to ensure a coherent and well-informed project plan.

Eninrac's meticulous and comprehensive approach to DPR preparation equips the organization with a detailed blueprint for the wind power project. The DPR serves as a crucial document for stakeholders, providing the necessary guidance and information to make informed decisions, secure funding, and successfully implement the project in alignment with sustainability and environmental objectives.

Results Achieved

Empowering Progress through Visionary Ownership and Operation: Eninrac's Services

The 300 MW project is currently in the developmental phase, and it forms part of the larger 2X300 MW initiative. Phase I of the project has been successfully commissioned. The designated power off-taker for the project is the esteemed Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI). The organization's scope of involvement encompasses development, financing, ownership, operation, and asset management responsibilities for the project.


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