Hiten G. Parekh

Born in South Mumbai, 24th of July 1979 on a very rainy afternoon in a business family background in Ceramics.


Born in South Mumbai, 24th of July 1979 on a very rainy afternoon in a business family background in Ceramics. College dropout but an avid life learner at 19 started his journey for addressing his profound passion of opening an IT venture with close friends from Mithibai College. Since 1999 he have been part of Infotech journey, followed with Instrumentation Industry at Waaree Group, Baumer & Rotex Group until 2013. He has been fortunate to be a part of Solar Industry since early 2013, executed solar projects around 1350 MW involving ground mounted & rooftop solar.

He has served Waaree Energies as their CEO for North America solar business & his last role with Waaree as Sr. VP at Chairman’s Office. He was also instrumental in India Project Development as Co Head (Executive Director – Origination & Business Development) with Sky Power Global.
He founded the Solar Business Division at Everest Industries Limited in Nov 2016 and served the company till March 2020.
In the recent years, due to his continuous perseverance he has been recognized in the Indian Solar Industry as top 40 leaders under 40 and also among the top 100 Solar Industry leaders in India, both awards won in 2018. In January 2020, he was awarded the Grand Master Award at India Solar Rooftop Congress as a Young Achiever of the Year.
In his early years he has worked almost every vacation in various activities like handling retail deliveries for Kirana stores, selling Computers, Sim Card & Mobile Handsets. Lastly, he worked as PRO host in many high-end weddings standing, smiling and serving guests for up to 6 hours nonstop duty. What he learnt is that “its very important to discover your passion and learn from everything” . Also, this made him understand that the devil is in the details. He has done door to door cold calling and also done assignments to conduct surveys for research agencies to understand the pain of groundwork.
He is very proud to say he has learnt a lot from his family circumstances which had been his shield. Learning is a continuous process and there is no end to it. Today since he can afford and to stay relevant and competitive, he keeps on attending various short executive courses and sessions with the elites B-schools ISB, IIMB & Stanford. This learning and his experience so far has made him humbler.
He is presently serving Solar Square Energy as Chief Business Officer.


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